Foundation to honor Cruz Burris

Welcome to the Cruz4LifeFoundation

Nicholas Cruz Burris, (Cruz) 11/15/2007 – 1/18/2023 was a “Beautiful Boy”. He was vivid, loving and had a personality that would charm you. If you ever met our son, you would love him too.

Cruz loved to be the center of attention… through his short 15 years of life, he created a friendship circle with more friends than we could ever imagine. His best friends’ parents treated him like their own child.

Cruz was creative and intelligent. He was on his way to becoming a great musician… he took up the guitar so naturally. Our son was smarter than he thought he was… Rhonda and I always thought, “There was nothing he could do that couldn’t be done”.

Cruz is truly missed by all he touched and loved.

This said, Rhonda and I have a calling and mission in life to educate parents and children of the deadly effects of Fentanyl. We all understand the drug is manufactured in China and sent to Mexico to be molded into a counterfeit pill.

Moreover, we need to be aware of online drug dealer predators attempting to get our children addicted to Fentanyl. We want you to understand, “One pill can kill”, as 6 of 10 illicit pills contain enough Fentanyl that will kill you.

Please support the Cruz4Life Foundation to spread our message.

Andy & Rhonda

We dreamed of him

The Cruz4Life Foundation has taken the initiative to purchase a billboard on 4th Street South, Leavenworth, KS in order to shed light on the critical Fentanyl crisis that has left its mark on Leavenworth, Kansas. Over the course of the last year, our community has been deeply affected by the heart-wrenching loss of precious lives – Cruz Burris, Caleb Jackson, and Desiree Washington. Fentanyl, a substance 50 times more potent than heroin and an astonishing 100 times more powerful than morphine, has cast a shadow over our town. Shockingly, 1 out of 6 illegal street pills contains a lethal dosage of this hazardous substance. Its impact is both extensive and devastating, claiming the lives of 150 individuals each day across our nation. This is a crisis that demands our unwavering focus and collective effort. Let us join hands in unity to put an end to this tragic chapter in our community's narrative.