Cruz to a drug free life

About the Cruz4Life Foundation

Cruz4Life Foundation is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to the memory of a beloved son, taken from us tragically due to fentanyl poisoning. This website stands as a beacon of hope, love, and education in the face of an alarming epidemic that has claimed far too many lives.

In honor of Cruz, whose light continues to shine brightly in our hearts, we have come together to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of fentanyl and advocate for positive change in our communities. Our mission is to prevent other families from enduring the same pain and to spare them the heartache that has touched our lives.

January 18, 2023, our family lost our beloved Cruz Burris, (son, brother, and friend) a freshman at Lansing High School due to experimenting with a fake drug. Cruz purchased what he thought was Percocet from a local drug dealer he found on social media. The fake drug contained enough Fentanyl to kill him instantly.